The path of great tranquillity and love is to pursue a life that supports simplicity, humility, service to others, nature and earth.

Shanti gowans

Nirvana Wellness Retreat

Live Well Get Well Be Well



& Hope

a deeply satisfying spiritual life.

Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary is a living system for evolutionary, nature-based education. In nature, we learn what is natural for us as human beings.

Through the complexity of these exponentially increasing chaotic times, retreating with mindful practices are the key stepping stones the world can take to carry the planet forward in a positive way. 

Tucked away in the Queensland hinterland in a glorious secluded vacation paradise setting; Nirvana Wellness Retreat facilitates a variety of retreats that un-lock and connect equilibrium to the body, mind and soul.

Yoga, breathwork, meditation, gardening and nature walks…

Mindful art and star gazing..

Take a break from the chaos of day to day life.

Let go of tension and fear.

Feel revitalised and experience a sense of worthiness.

Enjoy extraordinary oneness and peace…

Who Nirvana Wellness Retreat helps

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