I was educated in the traditions and culture of the country of my birth, India. 

I came to Australia in 1972, and it’s now been 40 plus years since I started teaching yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda in Australia.… and I am still learning the Australian way.

Having authored and established Shanti Yoga and its teacher training program in Melbourne, I relocated to the Gold Coast in 1994, where I subsequently established The Meditation Institute, Nirvana Wellness Retreat, our 70-acre sanctuary in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, and subsequently, our government accredited training college, Health Institute Australasia, and Mindfulness Australasia. Needless to say, through all these endeavours, we have touched countless lives and helped countless people. I can help you too.

From the moon to the stars, you name it, in the yoga and meditation health and spirituality fields, we’ve done it. This includes running our centres, launching our products, developing and managing our training courses, programs and projects, taking spiritual trips to India, conducting meditation retreats, teaching yoga programs on television, authoring books, being on the celebrity and leadership speaker circuit, being part of government advisory boards, and hosting countless lunches and dinners. During this time, we’ve also done a lot of community work, donated to charities, and worked with the underprivileged.

I feel very privileged to be still doing what I am doing today and with the same passion, enthusiasm, and humour of well, a 40 something-year-old! 

Of course, I have always been blessed with a wonderful team supporting our endeavours, for which my gratitude is unending. Everyone has their own path. Walk yours with integrity and wish all others peace on their journey. When paths merge, we rejoice for this presence in our lives. When the path separates, we return to the wholeness of ourselves and give thanks for the footprints left on our souls, and embrace the time to journey on our own. Remembering so much kindness and blessings, thank you, each and every one of you, for all your support. 

I now live on the Gold Coast, Australia, helping people who want to live a healthy and fulfilling life, heal, grow and evolve consciously. The process of change requires unlearning and letting go. It requires breaking the habit of the old self and reinventing oneself anew.  I speak to people where they’re at and help people and corporations get over the line to holistically manage stress, their work-life-balance, and train them in Mindfulness, to achieve an extraordinary life, one that honours the body, brings peace and clarity to the mind, and nourishes the soul.  

Through the classical practices of Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurveda, and retreats in nature, we facilitate programs for exceptional wellbeing, healing, and teaching your mind its own freedom.

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Magnificent blessings and namaste
Shanti Gowans

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